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Carpet Maintenance

Programmed Frequency Carpet Service

This Program is designed to prolong the life of your carpet keep it looking 

fresh, conditioned and well maintained year round, and, to save money by 

eliminating expensive corrective cleanings. Textile Management 

Systems guarantees its service and insures that each of these benefits 

are realized.

Program Highlights 

Rotary Pile Maintenance

All primary and seconary areas will benefit from this process.  Special 

attention is given to the pivot points, reception areas and track-off areas 

from resilient tile to the carpet itself.  With this process a special touch-up, 

non-residual solvent, along with an absorbent disc is used with our 

extraction attachments to effect the best possible results.

Pile Fluff or Rake

Pile Fluffing will serve several purposes and is an integral part of our 

Programmed Frequency Service.  It supplements general maintenance 

vacuuming with more aggressive suction and brush action.  It reaches 

deep into the carpet fibers to pull soils that general maintenance 

vacuuming can miss.  This is a conditioning process for carpet that 

involves combing and erecting the pile.  The appearance of your carpet is 

also greatly enhanced with this procedure.

Pile Preservation Treatment

This step involves the application of a soil retardant on a periodic basis.  

This chemical process protects carpet fibers from spills, stains and soil 

penetration.  This application works well when utilized with a maintenance 


Additional Services

Upholstery Maintenance
Fabric Wall Maintenance
Drapery Maintenance 
 Management Consulting and Seminars 

Special consulting services to those clients interested in formulating 'in-house' carpet and upholstery maintenance programs or those businesses/institutions outside our direct service area. These services include, but are not limited to, textile fiber training, equipment purchase, training and operations, chemical selections and applications, follow-ups and seminars, and, group or one-on-one sessions.


 Programmed Frequency   Service

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         Established 1984
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