Textile Management Systems, Inc. (TMS)

Founded in 1984 on the premise of fulfilling a special need for our clients.  

A need in an industry long portrayed as being slow-responsive and 

generally unreliable.  From day one our philosoply has been to prioritize 

customer service and to always keep our clients' satisfaction at the 

forefront.  Often we sacrifice quantity for quality by spending extra time and 

effort with our clients to give our 'personal touch' to any given service we 

provide.  We truly believe, through our experience, that cutomer service 

provides the residual benefits you need for success to last in this business 

for any substantial length of time.  As one of the leading textile 

maintenance firms our mission  remains as it has always 

been.  It is a Preventive Maintenance mission designed to prolong your 

valuable commercial carpet investments by negating the need for 

premature replacement; keeping your carpet and textile composed 

furnishings at optimum appearance levels day-in-and-day-out; and  

save valuable dollars by eliminating expensive corrective 

carpet cleanings.

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